Corp Make A Difference

We believe your business can make a difference

Your company can transform the lives of vulnerable children by supporting the work of Barnardos Australia.  Thousands of children depend on our services every day and your donation is absolutely vital in ensuring these children have the long term care and support they so urgently need.

We believe in creating shared value through our partnerships with the corporate sector and In addition to financial donations, a number of our corporate partners contribute meaningfully to our work through:

  • Gifts in kind (products or services)
  • Employee time
  • Access to a company resource
  • Shares (this is a very tax efficient way to make a charitable donation).

Why Barnardos?

  • Barnardos is independent. It is not a government or church agency 
  • Barnardos is transparent, entrepreneurial and innovative 
  • Barnardos understands how to blend philanthropic needs and commercial realities for mutual benefit
  • Barnardos can achieve sustainable, cost effective long-term partnerships that deliver results
  • As a leading charity, Barnardos has full financial accountability with audited financial statements
  • Put simply, an investment with Barnardos is an investment in the future. An association that will capture the elusive opportunity of connecting one to one. This is truly the ultimate WIN-WIN partnership strategy, one that creates infinite opportunities and exponential returns.

If you would like to talk to us about forming a strategic partnership please contact Rebecca Poyntz, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Barnardos Australia on (02) 9218 2311 or email