We believe in our partners



ALDI is a discount supermarket chain which began in Germany. It has now been operating internationally for 50 years. The first Australian store opened in 2001 and they now have more than 300 stores operating across New South Wales, ACT, Queensland and Victoria.  ALDI has supported Barnardos since 2003 and is one of Barnardos most valuable corporate partners offering many levels of support.  As well as providing Barnardos with a generous financial donation each year they also provide the following:

With the help of ALDI buying and warehouse staff, ALDI gives regular product donations which are invaluable to our centres and the families and children we support.  These products include home ware and other essential items such as furniture, bedding, toys, clothing and arts and craft materials.

In 2011 they became actively involved with our national flagship event, the Barnardos Mother of the Year Awards.  Through this event, ALDI helps us to celebrate motherhood and recognise the important role mothers play across Australia.  As part of the partnership ALDI run their own Mother of the Week awards in store as a means of engaging their customers with both ALDI and the greater campaign.

ALDI also support us at Christmas and Easter time.  They sell deluxe Christmas cards throughout their stores and donate a proportion of the price to Barnardos and at Easter they donate Easter eggs to all our centres so we can hold Easter parties for the children.



Allied Express Barnardos Australia partner

Allied Express is the largest, independently owned courier and express freight company in Australia with offices in all major mainland capitols. Barnardos Australia is proud to have Allied Express as our official transport and logistics partner.

Allied Express provides courier services for Barnardos and provides valuable support with our major campaigns – Barnardos Mother of the Year and Barnardos Gifts for Kids.  Allied Express ensures that all the prizes are delivered nationwide to our state and territory finalists for Barnardos Mother of the Year and they ensure that Christmas gifts are delivered to all the children in our care.

In 2014 Allied delivered more than 10,000 gifts bringing the spirit of Christmas to all of Barnardos children.




Mundipharma’s mission is to provide healthcare to enable Australians to live well and age well.  Their values and ethos align with that of Barnardos Australia laying the foundations for what we hope to be a long and impactful partnership.

Mundipharma approached Barnardos in 2014 following a staff survey which saw strong support from employees to align with a charity caring for children in Australia.

Mundipharma is now the primary supporter of a new and exciting project that Barnardos is piloting with the founding Director of the Children and Families Research Centre at Macquarie University, Professor Jennifer Bowes.  This pilot initiative will involve developing parenting resources to help struggling Aboriginal families with children aged 0-3 years in the remote community of Nyngan. 

We understand that to make the greatest impact, intervention must be at the earliest possible point and with the help of Mundipharma we will be doing just that.




OfficeMax is the leader in the education market, supplying schools with a comprehensive range of resources including stationary, art and craft, science, technology, furniture, sport & recreation and much more.

Recognising that education is an integral part of a child’s development, OfficeMax has partnered with Barnardos in an effort to bring education to more young Australians than ever through a small grants program known as Max e Grants.

The Max e Grants program has been running since 2007 in Australia and was introduced to New Zealand in 2011. Teachers, principals, committees, counsellors and childcare workers can apply for grants of up to $5000 when they notice a child is having to go without. Preference is given to small, discrete projects that meet the needs of an individual or a group of children experiencing hardship and includes assistance with schoolbooks and uniforms, fees and equipment, special tuition and excursions.

It is designed to help children in all circumstances escape the long term effects of feeling isolated from their peers.  It assists children who are missing out on crucial resources and opportunities to bond with classmates, develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and build important life skills.

The grant process runs twice a year and in the months following closure the Max e Grants board choose which cases are awarded grants. OfficeMax and its generous suppliers financially support the program. In 2012/13 more than $220,000 was awarded through 215 grants to help 6,310 children across Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on the grants program, visit http://bmaxe.com.au/html/ 



HSBC Logo No Tagline C

HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations and has been supporting Barnardos Australia since 1990.  A more strategic partnership was formed in 2001 with the launch of HSBCKids, an innovative tutoring and mentoring program for disadvantaged children.

This program was designed to offer children from disadvantaged backgrounds greater support with literacy and numeracy development through the use of specially trained volunteer mentors. Between 2001 and 2009, 500 children were matched with mentors. The children in the program saw significant growth and benefits included improved school performance, increase in school attendance, improved social skills and self esteem.

A Financial Literacy Program was launched in 2006 in NSW and ACT, running alongside HSBCKids, which deepened the partnership with HSBC. Through this unique program Barnardos was able to assist 700 families, reaching and supporting over 2000 children.

HSBC now direct their funding to one of our Indigenous Learning Centres in Waterloo, Sydney. The centre delivers a range of after-school services to around 40, predominantly Indigenous, children aged between 5 and 12, including assistance with homework, cultural learning, provision of nutritious meals, life skills, creativity and self confidence.

HSBC's generous funding is being used to support the literacy and numeracy component of the program run at the centre. We have also developed a unique volunteer program for HSBC staff where they join the children at regular intervals to assist the children with their learning.  They also lead educational sessions for the children based on their skills – for example in simple money management. 

Volunteers not only assist in the formal learning of the children by helping with their homework, listening to reading and helping with numeracy, they also provide much needed positive adult role models for these children.

"I really enjoy visiting Yurungai – the kids are fantastic and it’s incredibly rewarding when you’re working with one of them and you see that light bulb moment, where they’ve figured out the answer to a question that they were struggling with, and knowing that you’ve played a part in that. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the kids over the course of this year." - Todd Bajcic, HSBC Global Banking.


“It is wonderful to watch the bond of trust developing between the children and HSBC volunteers.  The benefits of having people from outside the community, giving up their time and showing support, is positive beyond measure!”  - Helen Wilkinson, Yurungai Learning Centre Manager  



Nestle has been a supporter of Barnardos Australia since 2010 when we launched the Spirit of Christmas program.  Nestle kindly donate the money they originally allocated for buying staff Christmas gifts and this helps keep Barnardos programs running over the Christmas period.

Christmas can be a very difficult time both for children separated from their families and those trying to stay afloat in the face of poverty, family breakdown, violence and abuse or isolation from the community. With the help of Nestle last year we ensured that over 2,500 children and family members received the vital support they needed to survive during this difficult time.

Nestle also ensured that all the teenagers in our care received a gift voucher to the value of $30 at Christmas enabling them the independence and freedom to buy what they wanted for Christmas.  In many cases this was the first time they received anything for Christmas.

Nestle also help fund Barnardos’ nutrition education and healthy food provision across all our locations.  As a world leader in nutrition, health and wellness, Barnardos utilised the skills of Nestle staff to make a direct impact on the children in our care.  Nestle nutritionists ran a pilot nutrition workshop and 11 Barnardos case workers attended from 4 of our centres.  It was held at Nestle HQ and was extremely beneficial and the learnings have since been incorporated into our programs.

“Lovely demonstration and some intelligent tips will certainly help our clients.  I am starting a group for young people where I will demonstrate recipes to them and encourage eating fruits and veggies.” - Quote from participant

To further deepen the partnership with Nestle we organised a three day renovation of one of our accommodation units, using the Nestle HR management team from across the business.  This volunteering initiative was very well received and has generated new passions for Barnardos making these HR managers ideally placed to advocate for Barnardos within Nestle and gain greater buy in from the wider staff.  In such a large organisation it can be difficult to generate widespread engagement with the charity partner and this is just one strategy we are employing to better disseminate information about Barnardos across the different areas of the Nestle business and generate an even greater ground swell of support. 


Nespresso has provided additional support for Barnardos alongside Nestle and donate to our Domestic Violence program in our Auburn Children’s Family Centre.  They have recently nominated a member of staff to be a Barnardos Ambassador within Nespresso and she will encourage fundraising and volunteering efforts.  


Uncle Tobys has also provided additional support for Barnardos alongside Nestle and regularly engage in volunteering initiatives with Barnardos to motivate and engage staff and help form the foundations for a high performing team. 


Jnj Medical Companies Rgb

Johnson & Johnson Medical have a long history of support for Barnardos Australia and there is great synergy between Johnson & Johnson Medical’s vision of caring for the world, one person at a time and the work that Barnardos do in caring for Australia’s most vulnerable children.

Johnson & Johnson Medical’s support has enabled Barnardos Australia to carry out some truly innovative and ground breaking work. 

In Australia today, Aboriginal communities struggle on a daily basis with the effects of the Stolen Generation and ongoing deprivation.  Barnardos believe Aboriginal communities should have the right, the training and resources to provide fully accredited services for Aboriginal children. This isn’t however, the case at present.  Many Aboriginal agencies do not have the financial support, training or infrastructure to operate effectively, especially as it’s hard to achieve economies of scale in small regional communities.

Aboriginal children who have had to be removed from their birth parents are extremely vulnerable with many having suffered family breakdown or situations involving emotional and physical abuse.  It is vital that these children have the opportunity to develop in a loving family environment, whilst still maintaining their cultural identity.

Barnardos aim to work with interested communities and Aboriginal organisations to build capacity and infrastructure so that Aboriginal communities can look after their own.

With the help of Johnson & Johnson Medical we launched an innovative pilot project to develop and grow a group of Aboriginal people into a fledgling Aboriginal agency called Miyan Munga.  This project is an Australian first and has the potential to fundamentally change the way Aboriginal children are looked after in out-of-home care by building the capacity of Aboriginal communities to look after their own and tackle the problems of abuse that currently exist.  This collaborative approach should not only strengthen and build capacity across the sector, but ensure that essential support services remain in their local community in a sustainable and meaningful way. 

This innovative model of building capacity from the ground up will contribute to knowledge on how non-Aboriginal agencies can work in partnership with community based agencies to really help Aboriginal children today and in the future.

Johnson & Johnson Medical have continued to support Barnardos work with the Aboriginal Community by more recently becoming the primary sponsor of our Indigenous Learning Centre in Wellington, NSW.  This centre provides culturally sensitive educational support for over 30 Indigenous children, outside of school hours.  Children receive one-on-one tutoring, homework assistance, educational support, transport from centre to home, social & living skills training to positively impact school attendance and performance and improve long term health and wellbeing.  The long term aim of centres such as these is to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage that exists within these communities.