Payroll giving

Is it possible to ease the suffering of abused and neglected children while you work?

We believe it is.

  • You can add Barnardos to your Payroll Giving program today. This method of donating is an easy and convenient way for you and your staff to make regular donations each pay cycle. It provides a consistent supply of much-needed funds to Australian children in need.
  • Want to take it a step further and create a sense of unity in the workplace? Consider making a dollar match for every contribution your employees make. It not only shows your employees that you are invested, but tells the wider community that you are dedicated to making a difference.
  • Haven’t set up Payroll Giving in your workplace yet? It is quick and simple to set up and administer, with minimal cost. This is a great initiative that can help boost employee morale and create a strong sense of team building.
  • Find out more by contacting Annalise Wild at today.

Each pay day can make a difference to the rest of a child’s life.