Richard Zamora, recruitment and support worker for Shoalhaven Find a Family and Fiona Johnstone, case manager with Temporary Family Care, Warrawong.

While most of us are adding to our Christmas wish list everyday, an eight-year-old local boy just has one wish - a permanent home.

Jack is one of the many children involved in the Barnardos Find-a-Family (FaF) Program but has been waiting the longest for a family.

After two years in care, area manager Dee Nobes said the little boy is in desperate need of a loving home.

“He’s had a number of placements and he’s now ready for his permanent home,” she said.

“He’s a delightful little guy, he’s sweet and very bright and intelligent and does all the normal little boy stuff- he loves chasing and catching lizards in the yard.”

Barnardos children have been removed from their birth families, by the Court, due to abuse and neglect, and come to the organisation with a background of suffering various forms of abuse.

Ms Nobes said Jack needs a loving, but firm home.

“He does have some behavioural issues and he needs someone to keep form boundaries, while still proving love,” she said.

“He would be best where he was the only child or the children in the home were much older than him.”

Barnardos also has a number of other children between five and 12 years and is in urgent need of foster carers to provide care for a period of six months up to two years.

This period is crucial for the children in preparing them for their eventual permanent home. With the constant support of Bernados, carers work with them therapeutically, helping them heal.

Barnardos understands families come in all shapes and sizes. Foster carers can be married, single, same sex, had their own children or not, of any culture or religion, although you must be at least 25 years of age and have a spare room.

Barnardos is also seeking people who would like to provide respite care. With the child in your care for one weekend a month, the primary foster carer can take a break, the child has a weekend away and a chance to build other positive relationships.

To express interest in giving Jack or another child a home, visit http://www.barnardos.org.au/  or call 1800 663 441.

(This article was first published in the South Coast Register and was written by Nicolette Pickard.)