Peter Druitt & Co director, Peter Druitt, discusses Barnardos programs with Kate Cormie of Barnardos Mudgee.

Mudgee real estate agency, Peter Druitt & Co, has entered into a sponsorship arrangement with leading child protection charity, Barnardos Australia.

In announcing the arrangement, Barnardos Community Fundraising Manager Ben Chinnock, and Peter Druitt & Co director Peter Druitt, said the money raised in the sponsorship would be going directly to the Mudgee branch of Barnardos.

Peter Druitt Real Estate will be making a cash donation to Barnardos every time they complete a sale, and with the growth in the business so will the money going to help local kids in crisis continue to grow.

Mr Druitt said that, while he acknowledged the great work of many charitable organisations in Mudgee, in the minds of the team nothing was more important than children who find themselves in crisis due to circumstances over which they have absolutely no control.

“If we can assist these kids at these critical times and give them a chance to lead a full life,  not only does the child benefit, but the whole community does when the long term outcome is a healthy, happy, productive adult” Mr Druitt said.

Barnardos Australia builds relationships between children, young people, their families and the community.

In Mudgee, Barnardos Australia programs include Reconnect Mudgee and Family Support, offering support and practical assistance with child rearing, childcare, solving problems, and living with a disability, For information about Barnardos programs, contact the Mudgee office  on 6372 1622.

(This article was first published in the Mudgee Guardian.)