What you’ll need:

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
300ml thickened cream
4 rashers rindless bacon, chopped
3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 tbsp olive oil
freshly ground black pepper
500g packet spaghetti
3 tbsp chopped fresh parsley
3 eggs, plus 1 extra yolk


  1. Heat the olive oil in a wide fryingpan. Add the olive oil, bacon and
    garlic and fry, stirring, until bacon is crisp. Set aside.
  2. Bring a large pot filled with water to a boil. Add a good pinch of
    salt and add the spaghetti. Stir every now and then to ensure
    pasta does not stick together.
  3. Meanwhile, mix the eggs and cream in a bowl. Add the grated
    parmesan and a little salt and pepper.
  4. When the pasta is cooked, drain in a colander, then toss into the
    pan with the cooked bacon. Add the egg/cream mixture and toss
    to combine. The residual heat from the cooked pasta will cook the
    eggs making a sauce consistency. Add the chopped parsley and
    toss to combine.
  5. Serve immediately.

Created by Liliana Battle, Masterchef 2014