The Australia Theatre of Young People (ATYP) work hard to give all children the chance to find their voice through its Scholarship Fund.

Many Barnardos children have been the lucky recipients of the gift of confidence, creativity and participation through the workshops and programs that are included in the Fund.

According to Barnardos Australia, Program Manager, David Jenrick, involvement with the ATYP offers children the chance to push themselves and develop self-esteem and confidence.

“There were two twin boys I worked with, Tyrone and Tyson,” he said.

“We were really struggling with their social skills. Those boys went to many of the ATYP sessions for quite a period of time. It was a big commitment for them and for their carers to get them to attend the programs, but the benefits were enormous in their lives.

“Certainly for the young people I have been able to send to ATYP it’s really helped their confidence, their self-esteem and helped them to develop social skills.”

Research undertaken in the UK (by The Case for Cultural Learning Alliance 2011) shows that participation in drama increase literacy skills.

The research also shows that ‘involvement in the arts improves learning across all subjects’.
Barnardos is thrilled to continue to work with the ATYP to provide access to drama for children who would otherwise miss out, in 2017.

Watch this ATYP video featuring an interview with Barnardos' David Jenrick.