Carolina Roux and Samuel Odilao with year 6 students from Auburn Public School.

Barnardos Auburn centre ran a four week program at Auburn Public School, focused on helping year 6 students transition into high school in 2017.

The four week program aimed to provide students with the skills to manage the difficult feelings and challenging experiences that may come up as they move into high school. Some of the skills included mindfulness and recognising and drawing on their own resilience and strength.

The group incorporated a series of interactive, fun and engaging activities which helped the student to grasp some important and useful concepts. Magic tricks and art activities were used as metaphors for dealing with challenging experiences.
Barnardos facilitators said the students gave great feedback about the program, saying they learned a lot of new skills.

Those skills included how to manage difficult feelings such as embarrassment, anger and fear; how to prepare for high school; identifying and using their strengths.

This program was designed and facilitated by the Barnardos Auburn senior practitioner, Carolina Roux along with the youth and family support worker, Samuel Odilao.
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