Barnardos is delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with leading pharmaceutical company Mundipharma.

Mundipharma’s provides healthcare to enable Australians to live well and age well and will be the primary supporter of a new and exciting project that Barnardos will be piloting with founding Director of the Children and Families Research Centre at Macquarie University, Professor Jennifer Bowes from Macquarie University.

This pilot initiative will involve developing parenting resources to help young Aboriginal families with children aged 0-3 years in the small town of Nyngan, Western NSW.  Many Aboriginal families have undergone immense trauma that spans generations and are caught in a cycle of poor parenting and disadvantage – not least because of the devastating effects of the stolen generation. This will be an intensive family support program using culturally appropriate resources that Professor Jennifer Bowes is specifically developing to support these Aboriginal families.  It will initially target 20 children and their families and if successful will be rolled out across Barnardos programs and further across the sector to ensure it has an impact Australia wide.

The early years of a child’s life are precious and lay the foundations for their development which is why early intervention is so important.  Barnardos experienced staff will be working with young mums with children aged 0-3 and aim to teach them basic parenting skills so they can care for their children.  These will include how to talk and interact with your baby, how to play with them, how to recognise the different sounds they make, developmental milestones to look out for, when to be worried, how to stimulate and develop their educational needs so they don’t start behind at school etc.  These young mums have never been shown how to care for their children and this program will support them in this process to ensure their children get the best start in life.

Mundipharma will be one Baranrdos Australia's biggest corporate partners and we are very grateful for their support - without it this project could not take place.  We look forward to working closely with Mundipharma and their staff to make a big impact on the lives of Aboriginal children.

Mundipharma Barnardos