If you have ever had an awesome Aunt or Uncle in your life then you know what a special contribution they can make.
In fact they are so special that they have their very own day of celebration. July 26 was International Aunt and Uncle Day when nieces and nephews around the world pay tribute to their special relative.

Barnardos Australia supporter Jessica Gwynne is so proud of being an Aunty to three nephews that she wrote a book about it. It is her way of being a good Aunty and supporting a charity she believes in. $10 from the sale of each copy of ''Who is so special?'' will come to Barnardos.
Her children's book, ''Who is so special?'' was written because Jessica couldn't find any books that celebrated aunts and uncles.
''I hated going to the book store and not being able to by my nephews a book about me – their fab aunty!'' she says.

"As an aunty you get all the amazing bits about children, the love, laughter, hugs, learning curves for them and you – and then when they’re grumpy or you’re tired, you can exit stage left.

"I LOVE my three beautiful nephews and make sure I see them once a week. We have standing appointments on Sundays and Mondays so I can spend time with them, give their parents a break and have a laugh! I’m the aunty who lets them get away with a few things, but can be stern if needs be."
Jessica said she is supporting Barnardos because of her own childhood experiences.

''I love the work Barnardos does to not just care for children who have been abused, but ensure they don’t get in the situation in the first place. Having experienced abuse as a child, I want to play a small part in stopping the cycle," she said.
You can play your part as well by purchasing a copy of "Who is so special?" online.

This beautifully illustrated children's books shows the special relationship each member of your family has with your little one and how an Aunty can be all these things wrapped into one beautiful package.
For more information about how Barnardos Australia supports children and families please see What we do.