Include a Charity Week - Barnardos Australia

Without the generosity of people who leave a gift to charity in their Will, many of the programs and services offered by Barnardos Australia would be at risk of closing.

During Include a Charity Week 2016, 5 - 11 September, we are encouraging everyone to think about how their legacy can live on by including a charity in their will.

The World Giving Index (WGI) shows that Australians rank fifth in the world in terms of how charitable they are, and according to Barnardos Australia Individual Giving Manager, Jessica Wood, Gifts in Wills make up more than one third of all individual donations.

"They are vital to our children receiving the support they need."

She says it's a common misconception that only wealthy people leave money to charity when they pass away.

"The reality is that most bequests are made by ordinary, hard-working people who want to make a positive difference to the community after they’re gone."

In addition to leaving generous financial gifts, some donors also choose to bequeath unique assets such as a house.

International research around motivations for leaving a bequest include wanting to leave a lasting legacy and a wish to honour a person who was close to the donor.

Including a charity in your Will is simple: the process is the same as providing for your loved ones and your gift can be as little or as large as you want.

If you would like to make a lasting difference to a child in need please email Lianne Black on or phone (02) 9218 2308 to discuss get all of the information you need.

Find out more about leaving a gift in your will.