Last night (our time) the UK’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published its report into the Child Migration Programmes case study, as part of their investigation into “Protection of Children Outside the United Kingdom”.

The full report is available here

Almost 3000 children were migrated to Australia by Barnardo’s UK between 1921 and 1965.

The Child Migration Scheme was a product of a historical period when there was a lack of understanding of the long-term impact on children and young people sent so far away from their country and family of origin.

As a core participant, Barnardo’s UK gave evidence to the Inquiry on a number of occasions, with Barnardos Australia supporting their submissions.

Barnardos Australia welcomes this report and acknowledges the hurt that was caused to many child migrants.

We now understand how incredibly important it is for children to have contact with their birth families so that they know where they have come from and the importance of good practice so all children are safe from abuse.