About Jumpstart

Jumpstart is a youth program run by Barnardos Australia in Canberra. It stands for Joining Understanding & Mentoring for Progress: Supporting Teens and Advocating for Respectful Transitions.

Transitioning out of foster care can be daunting, but Jumpstart has been designed to help young people in out-of-home care in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) get ready for independent living.

The Barnardos approach is based on strong preparation and planning that directly involves the young person.

We support, encourage and motivate young people to start with more independent ways of thinking. We also work with the young person and their supporters to develop a leaving care plan that reflects their individual skills and goals for life.

We believe young people have a right to say what happens throughout their lives. To allow that to happen we:

  • Provide a worker who is there to support the youth throughout the process.
  • Ask what your needs their needs are and engage with the young person directly.
  • Review goals and needs to make sure they are achievable and suitable.

 To read more about this program please download our Jumpstart brochure.